Monday, March 22, 2010

Announcing Release of Korus 1.0

We are happy to announce the release of Korus 1.0 ( It is an open-source java distributed and parallel programming framework based on pure actor pattern. It is released under GPL version 3 license. It is a very friendly programming framework which can help in substantially improving the performance and scalability of applications.

With the growing trend of use of multi-core and distributed applications the traditional approaches of writing applications are lagging behind. We have to now look further and reinvent the way we currently design and write our programs. Writing parallel and distributed applications have always been difficult for developers. Unavailability of hardware based on multiprocessor architecture in commodity hardware was also another reason why developers were able to keep distance from these paradigms. But, now things have drastically changed and with multi-core computing becoming more popular we cannot keep ourselves away from adapting to this new world for too long.

It has been observed that on multi-core and distributed architectures Actor Pattern fits well and performs optimally. The actor pattern has been popular in many functional languages till now. These languages are not very common as well as a little complex to learn when compared to object oriented languages like Java. Therefore, our aim was to get the best of both the worlds and that’s how Korus was built. The intention is to fill the gap and breaking the language barrier.

Korus is completely written in Core Java and currently caters to the applications that belong to the Java world. We have tried to preserve the essence of Java and using and deploying applications using Korus is also very simple and straightforward. There are a few new concepts like the Korus-Processes analogous to the process based on Actor Pattern (which have nothing to do with the Operating System Processes). But, the amount of efforts put in to learn them is very miniscule when compared with the advantages associated with building korus based applications.

  • High Scalability
  • Simple programming model (Programmer friendly)
  • Parallel constructs
    • Parallel_For
    • Asynchronous Pipeline
  • Korus- Addons
  • Out of the box Grid deployment
  • Multiple language connectivity*
  • Based on Actor design pattern

  • Implement the Concept of Context Store
  • Have a maven based build mechanism
  • Provide out of the box Distributed & Grid based deployment
  • Provide support for connectivity with multiple language environments. Currently only Erlang is supported.

Click here to visit the Korus Website and we would like you to try and let us know your comments, feedbacks and suggestions. We would also take this opportunity to welcome everyone interested to join and make their valuable contributions to our project.

* Currently only Erlang is supported.